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At Chew the cud we pride ourselves on having recipes for every type
of vegetarian and vegan. Our recipes range from lacto-ovo-vegetarian
to raw vegan. Our aim is to include everyone without discrimination
of any kind, even meat eaters who are simply dipping their toes into
 vegetarianism and veganism. Chew The Cud believes the best way
 forward for the veggie movement is unity, education and fantastic
 vegetarian food. Check out our Herbivore types section to browser
 by which ever vegetarian type you are.

Lunches & starters


Veggie Kids


Chocolate diamonds

Fussy veggie fingers

Greek tomatoes

Honey glazed Halloumi

Kuay namuan

Mini brambly apple tarts

Mini dairy free lemon cheese cakes

  Quick Thai green rice

Sweet Congee (Chinese porridge)

Sweet potato ravioli

Omega  rich cereal

Ricotta filled baby sweet peppers

Roasted butternut squash salad

Check out our highly indulgent vegan / vegetarian dessert recipes
  Bored of the same old breakfast?

   Why not enjoy the first meal of the day
   and use it as a way to grab one of your 5
   a day. We have some great ideas for
   vegetarian and vegans to start their day
   on  the right track.
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